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Work Injuries on Feet

Foot injuries are common, especially for those who work on their feet all day long or who wear uncomfortable footwear. Some problems you may encounter with your feet are:


Corns and calluses are thick, rough bumps on your skin that sometimes feels tender underneath. When your skin creates friction, layers of skin begin to thicken and harden.


Bunions develop as your big toe pushes against the toe next to it, making the joint of the big toe stick out farther to the side and get bigger. Redness, soreness, corns, and calluses are symptoms of bunions. If you notice pain in this area, try wearing different shoes.

Heel & Arch Pain

Heel and arch pain as a result of working may be caused by wearing poor footwear. For jobs that require a lot of standing or wearing heels, you are more susceptible to foot pain. Stretching, resting, and using ice can help with heel or arch pain.


Hammertoes refers to a deformity in the foot where the toe has an abnormal bend. Bends are likely due to wearing restrictive footwear which causes pain in the toes and corns and calluses. Wearing shoes that give your toes enough room is the start to treating hammertoes.

If you are experiencing any of these ailments, whether from sports or work, call our office today to set up an appointment.