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Outpatient Surgery & X-rays

What is outpatient surgery?

Hospital stays are generally expensive and more stressful for patients. Thanks to new technology and medical advancements, some procedures that used to require a hospital stay are now performed in a single day, allowing the patient to return to their homes the same day as their surgery.

How should patients prepare for outpatient surgery?

Depending on the procedure you are getting and the type of anesthesia you opt for, your preparation may be a little different. However, it is likely that you will prepare for surgery by not eating or drinking prior to your surgery. Patients can also prepare by:

  • Bringing a family member or friend who can drive them home
  • Wearing comfortable clothing
  • Scheduling time to recover
  • Preparing for side-effects like soreness

Our office will provide other specific ways you can prepare for certain procedures and outpatient surgery.

What are digital x-rays?

X-rays have been a leading part of medical technology for years, yet the technology is still advancing. Digital x-rays use less radiation to take film-quality photos of the body’s internal structures. Higher-quality x-rays help doctors make more accurate diagnoses because the images can be enhanced and manipulated. Digital x-rays can also be accessed by more doctors, saving you time and money by requiring fewer x-rays to be taken.

Our providers can take digital x-rays to determine whether or not outpatient surgery is necessary for an injury or if another procedure will be necessary.